BlabberJax Content Management System Details

Simple. Affordable. Content Management and More.

Base Package: BlabberJax Content Management System

Direct access to maintain your website, change your content, manage users, and more!


  1. 100% Unique Website Design:  Build Your Brand.

    Based on feedback you provide we create a custom home page and basic website template.  Included are 2 designs and 3 revisions.

  2. Content Management: Manage Your Content.

    Create new content pages, edit existing content pages, or delete pages at any time.  Also easily edit website navigation bar by adding, editing or deleting menu links.

  3. Image/File Management: Manage Important Files

    Upload and maintain images and other files on your website.

  4. User Management: Manage Your Users

    New users can register for your website; users can be set up as administrators, content contributors, or standard users.  You can control each user’s access and delete a user at any time.

  5. Controlled Website Access: Intranet, Subscription & Public Pages.

    Why have separate applications for all of your different needs?  With BlabberJax you can control who accesses different pages on your website.  Have your public website, a subscriber website, and an Intranet website all in the same place.

  6. Web 2.0 Features: Engage Your Users.

    Users can tag pages, leave comments, or rate pages.

  7. Fully customized Contact Form Page: Add a Call to Action

    Allow users to send you an email securely with any specific information you want them to collect.

  8. Initial In-Page Search Engine Optimization: Built-In SEO.

    Consulting and Assistance in writing content to be as search engine friendly as possible to aid in bringing new clients to your business from search engines such as Google.

  9. RSS Feeds: Reach Users Anywhere

    Automatically updated content can be subscribed to by any RSS reader.  Your visitors receive RSS content for your whole site, for specific categories or site sections, or even for pages tagged with any key word.

  10. Search Engine Optimization RPC Ping Plug-In: Instant Visibility.

    Instantly send your RSS Feeds to any compatible XML RPC Compatible Service, including Google and other search engines.

  11. Search Engine Optimization URL Rewriting: Engage Search Engines.

    Rewrites hard to read URLs into URLs filled with important keywords search engines pick up eg. (hosting support may vary).

  12. Spam, SpyBot, & Malware Protection: Protect Your Website.  

    With BotWatch, known spammers and spybots are automatically blocked from accessing your website, protecting your website content, your database, and your users private information.

  13. Built In Error Logging & Automatic Support: Automatic Website Support.  

    Any time errors occur on the site, information is logged and an SSI Design representative is notified of the error so that they can contact you if further action is required.

  14. Minor Software Version Updates: Free Website Updates

    All minor version updates and some major version software updates are included.  Update inclusion is at the discretion of SSI Design.

  15. Free Website Hosting for Life: No More Monthly Fees. 

    Websites which meet specific guidelines can be hosted by SSI Design for free for the lifetime of your website.  Specific rules apply; contact SSI Design for further information.

  16. Fully Customizable & Easy Plug-in Support: Custom Apps

    Custom plug-ins can be created specifically for your website and added at any time.

  17. Google Analytics Setup & Google Webmaster Tools Setup: Monitor User Activity.

    Track your users and manage your website with Google's analytics engine.

  18. Scheduled Tasks: Automate Mundane Tasks & More.

    Recurring Tasks can be created for daily emails, to remind users of expiring subscriptions, or anything else.  Tasks can be set up to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

  19. Price: Visit BlabberJax CMS Packages for details.

Ecommerce Plug-in: BlabberJax Cart

Maintain your own product list, track sales, and integrate with any shipping or merchant gateway that supports API Integration.


  1. Basic Shopping Cart Functionality: Custom Built, Customizable Shopping Cart.

    Allow users to add products to shopping cart on your website and securely checkout from your website.

  2. Basic Administration: Update your Products At Your Leisure.

    Update and edit products, add new products, and manage product categories.  Custom reports can be added per-report for an additional fee.

  3. Merchant Integration: Use your existing Merchant Account.

    Integrate your shopping cart with any merchant account that supports API access.

  4. Shipping Integration: Keep your shipping provider.

    Integrate your shopping cart with any shipping service that supports API access.

Price: Visit BlabberJax CMS Packages for details.

Existing Database Integration: BlabberJax eBase.

Already maintaining your own Access, MySQL, or MS SQL Database for customers, vendors, or something else?  Integrate it easily with your website.

  1. Database Integration: Convert & Integrate Your Existing Database.

    Your database will be converted to an MS SQL Database, and integrated with your website.

  2. Secure Access: Protect Your Information.

    Make sure that only the people you specify can access your private information.

  3. View, Update & Run Reports: Access and Update Information from Anywhere

    View database records, update important information, and run reports.  Custom reports, database views, templates, and functionality can be added for an additional fee.

Price: Starts at $1000

A La Carte Items:

  1. Additional Webpage Designs: $175 per page
  2. Daily Website & Database Backups: Unlimited websites & databases for $75 per year
  3. Custom Logo Design: Inquire for pricing
  4. Custom Software Development: Inquire for pricing
  5. Custom Animations & Flash Designs: Inquire for pricing
  6. Search Engine Optimization: Inquire for pricing
  7. Consulting: Inquire for pricing for Software Consulting, Website Consulting, Search Engine Optimization Consulting, or Online Marketing Consulting.
  8. Custom Email Blasts: Inquire for pricing
  9. Don't see something? Ask and we can point you in the right direction.